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The world runs on relational connections.

From the beginning of time, we’ve been sharing stories, anecdotes and insights about who we are and where we come from.

From the days of tribal cultures huddled around campfires, passing their history down through the generations …
To the advent of the printing press, which allowed us to share our stories with people very different from us…
To the emergence of radio and television, which gave us the ability to connect untold amounts of people to a common message…

We are hardwired for communication—to share, build, and connect. We literally cannot help ourselves. It is at the heart of humanity—the core of who we are.

But you and I both know we live in a different world. Things aren’t just changing—they’ve already been changed. The digital era of human communication has ushered us into a world we’re still trying to grasp and understand.

We sense it when we connect with loved ones, our friends, and colleagues.

We sense it as we watch oppressive governments topple; as we watch savvy political candidates leverage new media to raise funds in unprecedented amounts.

Schools and educational institutions are moving curriculum online to provide resources and educate people who may never have the chance otherwise. The un- and undereducated are having their lives changed by knowledge available online.

Businesses are being forced to adjust long-entrenched marketing strategies because consumers have found their voice and won’t be giving it up any time soon. What worked is no longer working.

But a watching, weary world is waiting for an answer from another cultural cornerstone….the Church. In some ways, we’ve been caught flat-footed. Some of us look around and don’t recognize the world our seminaries and Bible colleges trained us for. But ignorance is no longer an option.

As someone wise once said, “the Gospel is transmitted along relational lines.” Much like Martin Luther and the printing press, digital communication gives churches an unprecedented opportunity to build and strengthen relational lines like never before. it is time to grasp what an embodied Gospel looks like in a digital world.

The world has changed. We must learn to adapt our methods without changing the message. Action is required. The question remains, however, is what will the Church do next?


“The Social Church is a must-have for any pastor leading in the reality of the digital age.”


Justin Wise



As the CEO & Founder of Think Digital, Justin helps churches, ministries, and nonprofits share what matters most.

He speaks on the topic of social media strategy at national conferences such as the NRB Research Symposium, CLA Internet & Ministry Technology Summit, and the Nonprofit Leadership Academy.

Wise received his Master of Divinity from Bethel Seminary while working at the largest Lutheran church in the country, Lutheran Church of Hope.

Justin lives in Des Moines, IA (by choice) with his wife and children. Connect with him at


Justin Wise connects the power of social media with the potential for life-changing ministry in a completely fresh, easy-to-understand, and relevant way. His energy and wisdom bleed through the pages. He gets it. He totally gets it and now you can too. The Social Church is a must-read for all Christian leaders called to serve in this time and space.

- Tami Heim, president and CEO of Christian Leadership Alliance, coauthor of @stickyJesus: How to Live Out Your Faith Online

The rumors are true: Justin Wise knows his stuff. Not only does he ask the right hard questions in The Social Church but he boldly challenges the status quo, encouraging churches to embrace digital communications with vision, strategy, and purpose.

- Carrie Kintz, Digital Communication Strategist, Focus on the Family

Justin is a knowledgeable and accomplished practitioner of social media strategy and tactics as well as a practiced speaker on the subject. He consistently creates and publishes useful content that goes beyond mere thoughts and opinions to include the tools he uses for success and the tactics and techniques for others to become successful.

- Chris Giovagnoni, Social Media Marketing Program Manager, Compassion International

Justin Wise is the real deal. He is passionate about local churches and assisting them in connecting with a new generation. He brings creative and innovative thinking to each training, but more than that, you'll find in him a genuine heart of service with a purpose.

- Haley Veturis, Social Media Manager, Saddleback Church

Justin has handled social media for both our SCORRE and Platform conferences in the last year and we couldn't be more pleased.

He understands the power of social media and the benefits that come when it's used correctly. Most importantly, he accomplished our goal: people who weren't at the event felt like they were and were encouraged to sign up for the next one.

- Michael Hyatt, New York Times bestselling author, former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers


“The Social Church fills in the blanks for questions about social media that we’ve either asked or forgotten to.”