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A Theology of Digital Communication
"Justin understands the power of social media and the benefits that come when it's used correctly."  - Michael Hyatt
What Is The Social Church?
The Social Church is not just another "how to" book on social media for the Church.

It is NOT about increasing your church's followers on social media–yet this book will help you get exponentially MORE engagement and participation than you've ever experienced before

It is NOT about how to set-up social media channels, blogs, or a website for your church–yet it will create more momentum in your church than you've experienced in years...maybe ever.
The Social Church is a SHORTCUT.
Low participation or no engagement on social media are symptoms of a much greater problem that's a little harder to see. That's the bad news. The good news for your church is these symptoms are a lot easier to fix. Inside you will find the "why-to" playbook for churches who want to grow their church in the digital age. You now have access to all of the systems and strategy I use to help churches thrive online.
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"Justin Wise connects the power of social media with the potential for life-changing ministry in a completely fresh and easy-to-understand way." - Tami Heim, CEO of Christian Leadership Alliance
"Justin Wise is the real deal. He is passionate about local churches and assisting them in connecting with a new generation." - Haley Veturis, Saddleback Church
"The Social Church effectively combines mission, theology, and strategy. I'd recommend this to church leaders in just about any context." - Barnabas Piper, Lifeway Resources
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Introducing The Social Church - The Underground "Why-To" Book For Growing Your Church Online...
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There Is No Catch!
Truly. I believe in the material in this book and I want to get it into the hands of as many people as possible. I've seen what happens when churches apply this material. Stop being reactive as a church to the changes happening around you. My book will help your church be proactive in the digital age.
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